Rent a 4WD vehicle for your Iceland vacation

Hire a 4×4 in Iceland to travel in comfort and freedom all year round. The 4WD cars are the best to handle Icelandic fast-changing weather, rugged terrain, and different road conditions, especially during the winter months. 4×4 cars are also the only type of vehicles allowed to be driven on the F-roads. If you plan to visit the highlands, drive around the island via the ring road, or visit Iceland’s best attractions and hidden gems, a 4WD rental car will always be your best companion.

rent a new land rover defender in Iceland

Hertz Iceland offers a wide variety of 4×4 Iceland rental vehicles with different price ranges for hire that fit your needs: 4×4 SUVs, 4WD Jeep cars, 4×4 campers, 4WD vans, pickup trucks, and minibus can be rented and picked up from our rental offices upon request.

Why are 4×4 cars the best car rental option in Iceland at all times?

Whether you’re visiting during the summer or braving the winter landscapes, a 4WD vehicle provides unmatched capabilities to navigate Iceland’s unique road conditions and rapidly changing weather. We’ll highlight the 4 reasons why renting a 4WD car is crucial for your Icelandic adventure, ensuring a safe and memorable experience.

1. 4WD cars can conquer Iceland’s Rugged Terrain

Iceland boasts breathtaking landscapes, including rugged terrains and off-road trails that are simply irresistible to explore. A 4WD car from Hertz Iceland equips you with the necessary capabilities to conquer these challenging terrains. From traversing gravel roads to venturing into the stunning Highlands in summer time, a 4WD vehicle ensures you can reach remote areas and witness Iceland’s natural wonders up close.

2. 4WD cars can tackle Iceland’s Unpredictable Weather

Icelandic weather is notorious for its rapid changes, even within a single day. Renting a 4WD car provides you with enhanced stability and traction, enabling you to navigate through rain, snow, or ice with confidence. The robust design and all-wheel drive feature of a 4WD vehicle ensure better control and handling, keeping you safe and secure on the road, regardless of the weather conditions.

3. Safety and Peace of Mind

The safety of your Icelandic adventure is paramount, and a 4WD car offers added peace of mind. The superior traction and stability provided by a 4WD vehicle significantly reduce the risk of skidding or getting stuck in challenging road conditions. When venturing into remote areas with limited or no cell phone coverage, having a reliable 4WD car ensures you can handle unexpected situations and maintain a safe travel experience.

4. Access Remote and Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

Iceland is a land of hidden treasures and remote destinations that are best accessed with a 4WD vehicle. From secluded waterfalls to untouched landscapes, having a 4WD car opens up a world of possibilities for exploration. Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Iceland by venturing off the main tourist routes, discovering hidden gems that few others have the opportunity to experience.

5. Versatility and Comfort

Renting a 4WD car doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort and convenience. Hertz Iceland offers a wide range of 4WD vehicles, from compact SUVs to spacious family-friendly options. These vehicles are equipped with modern amenities and comfortable interiors, ensuring a pleasant journey for you and your fellow travelers. Enjoy the versatility of a 4WD car that combines rugged capability with the comforts you desire during your Icelandic adventure.

Why rent a car in Iceland with Hertz Iceland?

We have 13 rental stations around the country, including Keflavik international airport, Reykjavik airport, Reykjavik downtown and Akureyri airport. According to your travel plan, you could easily pick up and drop off your rental car.

Not only with high flexibility and convenience in renting and returning cars, but we are also collaborating with car repair shops across Iceland. That means Hertz Iceland can assist you regardless of where you are and when you need help. The rental price includes unlimited mileage, VAT and CDW car insurance.

We only offer high-quality new rental cars to our guests. Get your vehicle at the airport arrivals hall and start your Iceland road adventure the way you like.

Rates include
Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & vat.

Please note: The 4×4 vehicles grouped on this page are because of their 4WD capability, and they do not belong to the same car category.

(i.e. economy/compact/intermediate/full size/luxury etc.)

If the 4×4 car you booked is not available at your pick up location, it will be replaced or upgraded according to their initial car category.

i.e. the replacement car will be from the same car category — economy/compact/intermediate etc.,

And the upgrade would also be done according to the car categories. For example, an upgrade from the economy category would be compact, an upgrade from the compact category would be intermediate etc.

Feel free to send us an email or call our customer service centre if you have any questions. We are happy to assist at all times.