Iceland Hikes: Best 5 Trails You Must Do in Summer

October 2, 2023, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities to do in Iceland, with seemingly endless trail routes to explore around the country. The landscape is highly varied, shifting from rugged coastlines to untamed highlands and from lava fields to icy glaciers. Exploring the wild wonderland of Iceland on foot is very unique, as it […] full post

Glacier Hike Iceland: top 3 Locations and How to get there

May 24, 2023, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, attracting millions of tourists visiting Iceland each year. From stunning waterfalls to geothermal hot springs, the country offers a diverse range of attractions. One activity that stands out among the rest is glacier hiking. Iceland’s glaciers provide a unique glacier experience opportunity to explore the frozen wonders […] full post

Best time to see northern lights in Iceland with a rental car: 2024 Guide

May 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Are the northern lights in Iceland? The short answer is YES if you visit Iceland during the northern light season (between September and April every year). With such a long aurora season every year, see the northern lights in Iceland had became one of the top reasons visitors travel to Iceland. But this natural phenomenon […] full post

Whale Watching Iceland Guide: Best places to go with a car

April 27, 2023, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Not only seeing the Northern light, Iceland is also one of the best places in the entire world for whale watching, which is why it’s one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting the country. Iceland’s location in the North Atlantic, surrounded by cool, nutrient-rich waters, makes it an ideal habitat for up to […] full post

Midnight sun in Iceland: the travel guide

February 13, 2023, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

The midnight sun is one of those phenomena only experienced in a few parts of the world. Iceland is one of the best places to enjoy this as the extended daylight provides even more time to enjoy the country’s natural attractions, it has also been a reason for some tourists visit Iceland during summer. The […] full post

Things to do in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, with your rental car

April 11, 2022, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the first stop for anyone visiting the land of fire and ice. Almost everyone flying into Iceland will land here first, and many tourists choose to stay and enjoy the city for at least a few days. There are tons of awesome places you can visit and things […] full post

Around Iceland – in a Camper

August 5, 2021, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

All you need to know and what you should see There are plenty of decent road trips out there, but then there is the Icelandic ring road to conquer them all. A truly fantastic experience where you cover as much as possible in a fairly short amount of time and driving distance, where beauty awaits […] full post

Off the Beaten Soundtrack at Airwaves with Hertz Iceland

January 10, 2020, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

For this year’s Airwaves, the music fans at Hertz got together to launch a special pilot project. Dubbed the Lighthouse Sessions, the concert was an off-venue event for Iceland Airwaves Plus guests featuring Icelandic artists Daði Freyr & Hildur. The crew ventured out in the cool autumn light of early November to the seaside village […] full post

See Iceland from the Skies

October 7, 2019, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

Take a tour with a twist by taking to the skies with paragliders, helicopters and aeroplanes to sightsee Iceland’s varied landscapes with unhindered views. Hiking, road trips and guided tours are by far the most common forms of Iceland sightseeing. But with such large majestic landscapes it is very difficult for nature lovers to really […] full post

Iceland’s volcanoes that hit the news

April 30, 2019, Hertz Iceland Best Things to do

When you think of Iceland, volcanoes come to mind, despite the country being very active in this sense the eruptions are rarely very destructive, often under 3 of the Richter scale. Iceland’s volcanic activity is triggered by being on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plate borders, and actually Iceland is tearing apart at the […] full post