Rent a compact vehicle for your Iceland road trip

Looking for a rental car in Iceland with a great price, fuel efficiency, comfort with sitting five and at the same time have larger luggage capacity? A compact car would be your best choice.

Compact cars are ideal for families or friends of four, having a cost-efficient short trip in Iceland. The term ‘not too big and not too small’ can well describe compact cars. As a nice upgrade with only a slight rental price increase from the economy fleet, the compact vehicles can offer more interior space for luggage and passengers. Our compact cars can comfortably accommodate up to five people and three to four luggage at the boot. If you are looking for a cheap rental car with a larger capacity for your Iceland trip, a compact car would be your best option.

Hertz Iceland offers a wide selection of 2WD and 4×4 compact rental cars in automatic and manual transmission, suitable for all kinds of travellers with different driving preferences. Our compact vehicles are selected from the trustworthy and reliable global brands: Toyota, Volkswagen(VW) and Suzuki, ensuring your comfort and safety during your time in Iceland.

Rent your affordable compact car with Hertz Iceland, pick it up from Keflavik International airport (KEF) arrivals hall, Reykjavik airport or any of our rental offices around Iceland. Book your vehicle today by choosing a date.

Rates include
Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & vat.