Ultimate guide to camper rental in Iceland 2023

January 2, 2023, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

Iceland has always been one of the world’s top road trip destinations, but with “van life” going viral, travelers are realizing that they can save money and road trip more comfortably in a camper van. Why pile into a small vehicle when you can travel around Iceland in your very own home on wheels? Having […]

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2023 Rental Car Insurances and Coverage in Iceland: What are they? How to choose?

January 1, 2023, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

No one expects to be involved in an accident, but they are called accidents for reason. It’s important to be prepared when they happen, especially when you’re in a foreign country on holiday. In Iceland, car repair can cost an arm and a leg due to the need to import materials from abroad and the […]

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Should I rent a car when travelling in Iceland? Find out in 3 minutes!

October 10, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

People often ask what the best way to travel to Iceland is: Do you get an Iceland rental car or rely on Iceland-guided tours? There’s no doubt that Iceland is a country full of beauty and splendour, with incredible attractions, both natural and man-made. From ice caves and volcanos to majestic waterfalls and soothing warm […]

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Self-drive vs. Guided Tours: What is the best way to travel in Iceland?

October 4, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

While seeing Iceland promises to be a brilliant experience, you might already have some worries about how you’ll get around to the tourist attractions. With all the inside knowledge on this beautiful island, we’ll help you choose between taking guided Iceland tours and an Iceland car rental. Because of the lack of public transportation, there […]

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Iceland electric car renting, driving, and charging: The ultimate guide

April 29, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

As people who love to travel and explore natural landscapes like the ones here in Iceland, it’s important that we all do our part to take care of our planet. It’s no secret that transportation plays a role in climate change, but we wouldn’t be able to get to the amazing locations that inspire us […]

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Do you need a 4×4 rental car in Iceland? Let’s find out

February 16, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

While all vacations are fantastic, nothing beats the adventure of going on a road trip. Roadtrips are just as much about the journey as they are about the destination. They provide you with the freedom to design your trip in exactly the way you want it, entirely uninhibited. Unlike other European countries where tourist attractions […]

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How to rent a car in Iceland-All of your questions answered

January 31, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

Iceland, also known as the land of ice and fire, is a top destination on many travellers’ bucket lists. This year, it’s projected that as many as 1.3 million tourists will visit Iceland this year according to Islandsbanki. Tourists are attracted to Iceland because of its breathtaking natural landscapes. With mountains, volcanos, ice fields, and […]

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7 Tips for renting a car in Reykjavík

January 21, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

Reykjavík is the largest city in Iceland and the northernmost capital in the world. Its name translates to “Bay of Smokes” as it’s said that the first thing Viking settlers saw when they landed on the island was the steam coming up from the geothermal vents. Now Reykjavík has become the cultural, commercial, and industrial […]

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5 things you must know before renting a car at Iceland Airport – avoid wasting time and money

January 17, 2022, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

If you’re planning on visiting Iceland, there is no better way to get around than renting a car. Whether you’re coming to relax and unwind in the geothermal baths or hike some of our rugged mountains, having a vehicle will give you the freedom to choose your own adventure. On top of that, most of […]

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