Rent a full-size car in Iceland

Want to drive on the rugged terrain with a group of families and friends in Iceland? Want to be at maximum comfort and travel stress-free regardless of the Icelandic ever-changing weather and road conditions? Renting a large full-size car for your Iceland trip will be the answer. 

Hertz Iceland has a wide selection of 2WD and 4×4 full size vehicles: the manual 4×4 Toyota Hilux Pickup truck, 4WD Kia Sorento with automatic transmission, 5 seats 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, a big 7 seater 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser and more.

rent a full sized big car in Iceland for the road trip

What is a full-size car?

Full-size cars are distinguished by their spacious interiors, comfort, and handling abilities. In an era before the SUV and crossover boom, these vehicles were a popular choice for families, offering ample seating and large door openings for easy car seat installation. With low ride heights and a level of equipment that nudges them towards luxury, these cars are well-appointed and comfortable.

Despite their space and comfort, full-size cars have varied fuel efficiency due to their larger engines and substantial curb weights. Fuel economy can range from 16 to 24 mpg in city driving and 24 to 34 mpg on the highway.

Four main advantages of renting a 4WD big full-size car in Iceland

  1. Safety on Icelandic Roads: Iceland’s landscape offers breathtaking beauty, but it also presents unique challenges. With unpredictable weather, rugged terrain, and remote areas, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. A full-size big car with 4WD capability provides better stability, traction, and control, ensuring a safer driving experience even in challenging conditions like icy roads or off-road trails.
  2. Versatility and Adaptability: Iceland is renowned for its dramatic landscapes, including volcanic fields, glaciers, and fjords. A full-size 4WD rental car allows you to explore these diverse terrains with ease. Whether you’re navigating gravel roads, crossing shallow rivers, or driving on uneven surfaces, a 4WD vehicle provides the necessary power and agility to tackle any obstacle, giving you the freedom to access hidden gems off the beaten path.
  3. Ample Space for Travel Companions and Gear: A full-size big car offers generous seating and storage capacity, making it an ideal choice for group travelers or families. With ample legroom and luggage space, you can ensure a comfortable journey while having enough room for camping gear, hiking equipment, or photography gear. This spaciousness enhances the overall travel experience and enables you to carry all the essentials without compromising comfort.
  4. Fuel Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Contrary to popular belief, renting a full-size big car with 4WD doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing fuel efficiency. Many modern 4WD vehicles are designed with improved engine technology and fuel economy features, ensuring a cost-effective road trip experience in Iceland. By selecting a well-maintained and fuel-efficient 4WD rental car, you can minimize your fuel expenses while enjoying the advantages of a capable and reliable vehicle.

Book your large car in Iceland today, and start your worry-free journey with Hertz Iceland. Check the availability by choosing a date. 

Rates include

Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & vat.