Mediucm car in Iceland: rent a midsize car for your road trip

An intermediate car also called a midsize car, is a vehicle sized between a compact car and a large full size car, bigger than a compact but smaller than the full-size. In other words, intermediate cars can offer larger rooms for passengers, bigger luggage capacity than the compact, and a lower rental price than full-sized SUVs. It can usually comfortably fit up to five passengers simultaneously with three to four luggage. 

intermediate size cars rental options in Iceland

At Hertz Iceland, we have a wide selection of midsize cars that could fit your budget and travel plans. We have the Mazda CX-30, Toyota Corolla in the manual and automatic transmission, Skoda Octavia Wagon in automatic and manual, 4WD manual Dacia Duster, Kia Ceed PHEV, Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD PHEV, PHEV 4×4 Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sorento, 4WD automatic Kia Sportage and 4×4 manual Sportage. 

If you plan to drive on the Iceland ring road or visit the famous Golden Circle and south coast during summertime, you can go with a fuel-efficient mid-size car like Avensis or Avensis Wagon. If you visit Iceland during winter, the 4×4 Toyota RAV4 and Skoda Octavia would be the best choice to travel safely and comfortably. 

Unleash Your Adventure with Intermediate Cars Rental in Iceland

Experience the thrill of exploring Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes with our intermediate car rental options. Discover the freedom to traverse rugged terrains and winding roads in style and comfort.

  • Versatile Performance: Our intermediate cars are designed to handle diverse road conditions, making them perfect for your Icelandic adventure.
  • Comfortable and Spacious: Enjoy ample legroom and storage space for all your travel essentials, ensuring a comfortable journey throughout your trip.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Rest assured, knowing that our intermediate cars come equipped with advanced safety features, providing you with peace of mind on the road.
You have a chance to see the northern light when travelling North Iceland in winter season

Iceland medium size rental car FAQ

Do you have an intermediate wagon 4×4 in Iceland?

Yes, we do! We offer the Skoda Octavia Wagon 4×4 in both automatic and manual transmissions. This versatile vehicle is a fantastic option for those who need a bit more space and the added capability of a 4×4.

Why should I rent a medium-sized car in Iceland?

Renting a medium-sized car in Iceland can be a great choice for a variety of reasons. They provide more space for passengers and luggage compared to compact cars, making them a comfortable option for longer drives or if you’re traveling with a group. Additionally, they offer a good balance between fuel efficiency and performance. If you’re planning on exploring diverse terrains or need a bit more power on the road, a medium-sized car can deliver that without sacrificing too much on economy.

Are intermediate cars suitable for Icelandic winter road conditions?

Yes, intermediate cars can be suitable for Icelandic winter road conditions, especially if you opt for a 4×4 model. It’s crucial to ensure that the vehicle is equipped with winter tires and that you’re prepared for winter driving. Always check road conditions and the weather forecast before setting out, and adjust your driving to suit the conditions.

Can I drive in the highlands or on F-roads with a medium-sized car in Iceland?

You can drive in the highlands or on F-roads with a medium-sized car, provided that it is a 4×4 vehicle, which is a requirement by Icelandic law for these challenging terrains. The 4×4 capability ensures that the vehicle can handle the rough and rugged conditions, offering better traction and stability on uneven surfaces.

What tyres do mid-sized cars have at Hertz Iceland?

At Hertz Iceland, all our vehicles, including mid-sized cars, are equipped with tyres appropriate for the current season to ensure safety and optimal performance. In winter, this means fitting the vehicles with winter tyres, designed to provide better grip and stability on icy and snowy roads. We take great care in maintaining our vehicles and ensuring they are ready to handle the diverse driving conditions Iceland has to offer.

summer is the best time to visit Iceland

Hiring an intermediate car in Iceland is a perfect option for those travelling to Iceland in a larger group while still being coast and fuel-efficient. Rent your midsize car in Iceland with Hertz today by choosing a date. 

Rates include

Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) & VAT.