The Top 7 Iceland Beers and 12 Iceland Breweries

June 2, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

Iceland’s beer scene has come a long way since the days of beer prohibition. The beer culture has flourished in recent years, with an array of breweries around the country offering exceptional craft beer options. From traditional styles to experimental brews, Icelandic beers showcase the creativity and dedication of local brewers. Whether you’re a beer […] full post

Iceland Latitude: Captivating Ice and Fire

May 25, 2023, Hertz Iceland Travel Info

Thanks to Iceland’s latitude and longitude of 65° 00′ N and 18° 00′ W, this island can experience the midnight sun in summer and be blessed by the Northern Lights in winter. This article will delve into the wonders of Iceland’s latitude and discover how this remarkable location contributes to its exceptional natural phenomena and […] full post

Glacier Hike Iceland: top 3 Locations and How to get there

May 24, 2023, Hertz Iceland Local activities recommendation

Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, attracting millions of tourists visiting Iceland each year. From stunning waterfalls to geothermal hot springs, the country offers a diverse range of attractions. One activity that stands out among the rest is glacier hiking. Iceland’s glaciers provide a unique glacier experience opportunity to explore the frozen wonders […] full post

Iceland in August: The Self-Drive Travel Guide 2023

May 22, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Iceland, with its breathtaking landscapes and unique natural wonders, is an incredible destination any time of the year, but August stands out as one of the best months to explore the island. August is the height of the tourist season, with some of the warmest and most pleasant weather conditioners of the year. This enables travellers […] full post

Westfjords Iceland: Self-drive Travel Guide

May 12, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

No matter which route you travel in Iceland, you are sure to encounter something magnificent. But while many tourists flock to popular spots like the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon, there’s a remote part of Iceland in the far west that offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. We’re talking about the Westfjords, a […] full post

Iceland stopover guide: itinerary for less than 24 hours

May 5, 2023, Hertz Iceland Road Trip Itineraries

Iceland is a bucket listed stopover destination for travellers flying between North America and Europe. Icelandair, the country’s flagship airline, even offers extended free stopovers trips that allow travellers to visit Iceland for up to seven nights at no extra cost! That said, most stopovers in Iceland may only be for a few hours and […] full post

Iceland packing list: what to pack for a self-drive trip

May 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Travel Info

One of the hardest things about going on vacation is packing. You only have a small amount of space to fit everything you need for your trip, so it’s important to choose each item wisely. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you’re missing something important, but you also don’t want to […] full post

West Iceland Snaefellsnes Peninsula self-drive travel guide

May 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

Often referred to as “Iceland in Miniature” or “Iceland in a Nutshell,” the Snaefellsnes Peninsula contains all of Iceland’s main attractions and landscapes in one location. A 90-kilometer-long peninsula is a place of renowned enchantment and beauty, delivering the finest of Iceland.  While on the island, you can see lava fields, fjords, waterfalls, a glacier, […] full post

Best time to see northern lights in Iceland with a rental car: 2023 Guide

May 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Local activities recommendation

Are the northern lights in Iceland? The short answer is YES if you visit Iceland during the northern light season (between September and April every year). With such a long aurora season every year, see the northern lights in Iceland had became one of the top reasons visitors travel to Iceland. But this natural phenomenon […] full post

Iceland Self-drive tour: Guide to Golden Circle

May 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

The Golden Circle Iceland is the most popular route for tourists visiting and driving around Iceland. It is the best way for travelers to see some of Iceland’s top attractions in a limited time frame. In fact, you can self-drive the Golden Circle and see some of the islands’ most awe-inspiring locations in as little […] full post