7 Tips for renting a car in Reykjavík

January 21, 2022 Car Rental Tips

Reykjavík is the largest city in Iceland and the northernmost capital in the world. Its name translates to “Bay of Smokes” as it’s said that the first thing Viking settlers saw when they landed on the island was the steam coming up from the geothermal vents. Now Reykjavík has become the cultural, commercial, and industrial […]

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5 things you must know before renting a car at Iceland Airport – avoid wasting time and money

January 17, 2022 Car Rental Tips

If you’re planning on visiting Iceland, there is no better way to get around than renting a car. Whether you’re coming to relax and unwind in the geothermal baths or hike some of our rugged mountains, having a vehicle will give you the freedom to choose your own adventure. On top of that, most of […]

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How to see the northern lights in Iceland

September 15, 2021 Local activities recommendation

Everything you need to know about how to see the Aurora Imagine the entire sky lighting up in a massive dance, bursting out in a green flame above you, swirling around your head, and waving in color. You don’t know where to look. It is everywhere. And the night is bright. Even if just for […]

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The Highlands of Iceland

September 1, 2021 Iceland Attractions

Where true adventure awaits If you are longing for adventure, exploring spectacular landscapes off the beaten track, and a true escape from civilization, the highlands could be the best place in the world. So where are the Icelandic highlands? As the name suggests, it is the higher lands that reside inland from the coast, making […]

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Around Iceland – in a Camper

August 5, 2021 Iceland Attractions Local activities recommendation

All you need to know and what you should see There are plenty of decent road trips out there, but then there is the Icelandic ring road to conquer them all. A truly fantastic experience where you cover as much as possible in a fairly short amount of time and driving distance, where beauty awaits […]

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Experience the Midnight Sun

June 14, 2021 Local activities recommendation

Top things to do during the Icelandic summer solstice It’s nearing that time of year again when the Icelandic moss turns green, lupins bloom, the highlands open up, hotels all booked out, and the endless days of the midnight sun are upon us. It’s a magical time here just below the Arctic Circle, full of […]

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Away from the crowds on Reykjanes

May 28, 2021 Iceland Attractions

The peninsula that contains the natural wonders closest to Reykjavik often gets overlooked when people aim for the top crowd pleasers in Iceland. Just half an hour drive from the capital, or even closer to the airport, this hidden gem of a peninsula has escaped mainstream attention until recently, when our latest volcano in Fagradalsfjall […]

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Hiking to the Volcano in Iceland: Everything you need to know

April 20, 2021 Iceland Attractions Local activities recommendation Safe Travel Tips

After a month of earthquakes felt in the capital area, a fissure has erupted on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Several volcanoes have resulted from the fissure line and have proven to be a “tourist eruption.” The slow-flowing lazy lava allows visitors to hike to the Volcano and observe up close and personal. Experts predict these volcanoes […]

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Off the Beaten Soundtrack with Hertz

January 10, 2020 Local activities recommendation

For this year’s Airwaves, the music fans at Hertz got together to launch a special pilot project. Dubbed the Lighthouse Sessions, the concert was an off-venue event for Iceland Airwaves Plus guests featuring Icelandic artists Daði Freyr & Hildur. The crew ventured out in the cool autumn light of early November to the seaside village […]

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See Iceland from the Skies

October 7, 2019 Local activities recommendation

Take a tour with a twist by taking to the skies with paragliders, helicopters and airplanes to sightsee Iceland’s varied landscapes with unhindered views. Hiking, road trips and guided tours are by far the most common forms of Iceland sightseeing. But with such large majestic landscapes it is very difficult for nature lovers to really […]

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