Iceland in December: the self-drive travel guide

August 15, 2022 Iceland nature

December is a very popular month for travel, with many people getting time off work for the Christmas holidays. It’s a great time to take a family vacation, and there are some fantastic things to see and do in Iceland during the month. If you’re planning on visiting Iceland in December, a self-drive trip is […] full post

Iceland in November: The self-drive travel guide

July 28, 2022 Iceland nature

November is an excellent month to visit Iceland. It’s the ideal time to try out daring outdoor sports like snowmobiling and even ice caving. You’ll also get to see amazing landscapes and quite possibly the northern lights! We bet you’re getting excited already. Well, this is why we’ve put together this complete self-drive travel guide […] full post

5 best glaciers in Iceland: How to visit them by rental car

July 15, 2022 Iceland nature

Glaciers are one of Iceland’s most notable features, with over 10% of the country covered in them. But what is a glacier exactly? Glaciers are essentially build-ups of snow that never melts. Over time, as more snow falls, it compresses, turning into thick ice. Depending on how long the glacier has been there, it can […] full post

Iceland in October: the self-drive travel guide

July 8, 2022 Iceland nature

Planning a trip to Iceland in October? October is a great time to visit Iceland as it’s the end of the busy summer season, so you won’t have to compete with as many tourists when it comes to viewing attractions. Flights and accommodation tend to be cheaper at this time of year as well, plus […] full post

Top 5 Iceland Volcanos:  Where are they? How to visit them by rental car?

June 20, 2022 Iceland nature

One of Iceland’s most notable features is its volcanoes, with around 130 of them in total. That’s why it’s called the land of fire and ice! The most recent eruption was the eruption of Fagradalsfjall on March 19, 2021, which lasted for 6 months and put a spotlight on Iceland’s volcano scene. Now, many tourists […] full post

Where to see puffins in Iceland with a rental car?

May 23, 2022 Iceland nature

There are several activities that make Iceland stand out as a prime holiday destination, including the hot springs and mountain views, but few are as exciting as watching Icelandic wildlife. The wildlife in Iceland is unique to the rest of the world but the animal most are curious to see is the puffin.  puffins are […] full post

The Icelandic Horse: A Rare & Wonderful Breed

September 23, 2019 Iceland nature

Seeing Iceland’s varied landscapes from the back of an Icelandic horse is one of the most memorable and intimate ways to experience the country. Whether you’re in search of the Northern Lights or basking in the midnight sun, exploring the wilds of Iceland with a horseback riding tour is a fun and rewarding way to […] full post