Christmas in Iceland: Yule Cat, Yule Lads and Xmas market

June 10, 2024, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

Every country has its own unique way of celebrating holidays, and Iceland is no exception. Christmas in Iceland offers a blend of distinctive traditions and festive activities, making it an incredible holiday destination. full post

Driving the F35 Road Iceland: Guide to the Kjölur Route

June 8, 2024, Hertz Iceland Safe Travel Tips

Iceland is famous for its stunning landscapes, and driving the F35 road, also known as the Kjölur route or kjalvegur road, is one of the best ways to see its raw beauty. This mountain road offers an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Iceland, filled with geothermal wonders, breathtaking views, and plenty of natural attractions. […] full post

Best 10 Iceland Mountains You Should See With a Rental Car

June 7, 2024, Hertz Iceland Best travel tips

Iceland has some of the most incredible mountainous landscapes in the world, thanks to its abundance of volcanic activity. From snow-capped peaks to volcanic craters, the mountains of Iceland are a symbol of the country’s untamed beauty and geological past. Whether you’re a photographer, an avid hiker or simply a nature lover, each of Iceland’s […] full post

2024 Guide to Blonduos Iceland, travel with car

June 4, 2024, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

Blönduós, a charming town located at the mouth of the glacial river Blanda in northern Iceland, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and local culture. With a population of around 895 people, Blonduos serves as a key service center for the surrounding region and is a popular stop for travelers on the Ring Road.  […] full post

Guide to Bjarnarfoss Iceland Waterfall 2024 with car

May 29, 2024, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

Iceland is a country full of incredible natural wonders, with many dramatic landscapes and beautiful vistas, and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula offers some of the best of these experiences. full post

Iceland in Spring: A Comprehensive April+May Guide

May 23, 2024, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Spring in Iceland, April and May, a shoulder season of travelling Iceland. As the ice and snow begin to melt, the stunning landscapes transform into lush green fields, vibrant flowers bloom, and wildlife returns in full force. In this guide, we’ll explore why the spring months are the perfect time to visit Iceland. We’ll highlight […] full post

Quick Guide to Glacier Lagoon Iceland 2024

May 21, 2024, Hertz Iceland Best travel tips

How to Get There with a Rental Car The Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon is one of Iceland’s most impressive natural wonders. Located in Iceland’s southeastern region, along Iceland’s Ring Road, the country’s most popular travel route, this lagoon is the deepest lake in Iceland. Explore this breathtaking natural wonder by boat, hike along the shore, or […] full post

Guide to Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland 2024

May 17, 2024, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

How to Get There with a Rental Car Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s top waterfalls, part of the golden circle and is renowned for its golden-brown hue that comes from glacial sediment in the Hvítá River. These golden falls have an iconic two-tiered cascade and an interesting backstory. In this guide, we look at the history […] full post

2024 Update: Best 13 Things To Do In Iceland with a car

May 13, 2024, Hertz Iceland Best travel tips

There are nearly endless things to do in Iceland, but some attractions are not to be missed. In this travel guide, we round up the top 13 must-do activities, all accessible with the convenience of a rental car. Explore some of the most captivating landscapes in the country, from the remote and rugged Westfjords to […] full post

2024 Update: Iceland Top attractions You SHOULDN’T Miss!

May 3, 2024, Hertz Iceland Best travel tips

From vibrant rhyolite mountains to Europe’s most powerful waterfall, Iceland’s diverse landscapes attract adventurers year-round. In this article, we break down the top 13 Iceland attractions, each offering its own unique blend of geological marvels, cultural experiences, and natural beauty. full post