What Icelandic food should you try?

January 30, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

5 weird+5 must-try Icelandic local dishes you should (at least give it a) try in Iceland One of the best ways to experience the culture of a new country is by trying the local cuisine. Iceland people are very proud of their heritage and Icelandic food, with unique cooking and fermentation methods that have been […]

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Sky Lagoon Iceland: How does it compare to Blue Lagoon?

January 18, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

Sky Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon– which one suits you? Most people are familiar with the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The geothermal pools make it one of the most popular attractions in the entire country. But in 2021, a new geothermal lagoon opened only minutes from downtown Reykjavik that rivals the spa experience of Blue Lagoon, […]

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The ultimate guide to the Blue Lagoon Iceland in 2024

January 16, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is one of the country’s most visited attractions. This geothermal spa is often the first stop for visitors on their trip to Iceland and can be visited all year round and in any type of weather. The iconic milky blue waters of the lagoon draw visitors from around the globe to […]

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Iceland in March: The self-drive travel guide

January 9, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Visiting Iceland in March has a lot of benefits, giving tourists the opportunity to still enjoy activities that are only available in the winter with the harsh temperatures. From seeing the Aurora Borealis, to fun festivals and ice caves, there are a variety of ways to experience Iceland in March. As long as you’re well […]

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Iceland 10 day itinerary: Drive the Ring Road + Snaefellsnes

January 4, 2023, Hertz Iceland Road Trip Itineraries

10 days in Iceland is the perfect length of time to experience all of the country’s top highlights! We highly recommend that anyone travelling to Iceland for the first time aim for a 10-day trip, as it will give you the opportunity to visit many of the best attractions without having to rush or stress. […]

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Ultimate guide to camper rental in Iceland 2024

January 2, 2023, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

Iceland has always been one of the world’s top road trip destinations, but with “van life” going viral, travelers are realizing that they can save money and road trip more comfortably in a camper van. Why pile into a small vehicle when you can travel around Iceland in your very own home on wheels? Having […]

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Driving the Iceland Ring Road: start with the essential 2024 Updates

January 2, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Attractions

The Ring Road is the single best way to explore the vast, dramatic landscapes of Iceland. Whether you are visiting for a weekend getaway or plan to spend longer on this beautiful island, your trip will inevitably intertwine with this popular road.  The road is known by many names including Route 1, Road Nr.1 and […]

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2024 Rental Car Insurances and Coverage in Iceland: What are they? How to choose?

January 1, 2023, Hertz Iceland Car Rental Tips

No one expects to be involved in an accident, but they are called accidents for reason. It’s important to be prepared when they happen, especially when you’re in a foreign country on holiday. In Iceland, car repair can cost an arm and a leg due to the need to import materials from abroad and the […]

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Iceland F-Road Guides for Beginners 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

December 31, 2022, Hertz Iceland Safe Travel Tips

Many of Iceland’s greatest wonders are located are in remote locations on the island, and only reachable via F-roads. These mountain roads in Iceland are only open during summer, with the exact open time depending on the weather. This uncertainty is exactly what gives the F-roads in Iceland an air of mystery, perfect for those […]

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The Icelandic Horse: Everything you need to know about Iceland’s furry mascot

December 23, 2022, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Seeing Iceland’s varied landscapes from the back of an Icelandic horse is one of the most memorable and intimate ways to experience the country. Whether you’re in search of the Northern Lights or basking in the midnight sun, exploring the wilds of Iceland with a horseback riding tour is a fun and rewarding way to […]

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