Icelandic Sheep: what special about them and Where to See Them

July 20, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

As long as there have been people in Iceland, there have been Icelandic sheep. Icelandic sheep play a vital role in the cultural heritage and economy of Iceland. Their thick, dual coats make their wool waterproof and insulting, yet soft and fluffy on the inside, perfect for keeping them comfortable in Iceland’s unpredictable weather. With […] full post

Hiking to the Volcano in Iceland 2024: Everything you need to know

July 18, 2023, Hertz Iceland Safe Travel Tips

After a month of earthquakes felt in the capital area, a fissure erupted on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Several volcanoes have resulted from the fissure line and have proven to be a “tourist eruptions.” The slow-flowing lazy lava allows visitors to hike to the Volcano and observe it up close and personal. Experts predict these volcanoes […] full post

The Self-Drive Guide to Iceland in Winter

July 13, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Planning a trip to Iceland in winter requires an added level of know-how as there are some unique circumstances to navigate. But the stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural wonders are made even more magical by the sparkly layer of snow that blankets the country during this cold winter season. While many travelers flock to Iceland […] full post

The Ultimate Travel Guide for 3 Days In Iceland with car

July 6, 2023, Hertz Iceland Road Trip Itineraries

With Icelandair offering free stopovers in Iceland of up to seven days, there’s never been a better opportunity to explore the land of fire and ice. But with so many things to see, is it really worth visiting on a short trip? Absolutely! Although many Iceland itineraries require one to two weeks to complete, it […] full post

Best Iceland Attractions Map for Self-Drive Travelers

June 30, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Travel Info

Iceland is the land of awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders. Regardless of what time of year you choose to visit the country, there are seemingly endless adventures and tourists attractions available to explore. The freedom of self-driving in Iceland allows you to navigate the country at your own pace, immersing yourself in its stunning scenery […] full post

Is There Uber in Iceland? Your guide to navigating Iceland

June 29, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland Travel Info

Planning a trip to Iceland and curious about whether Uber is available here? Let’s get straight to the point: Uber is not currently operating in Iceland. But don’t fret! You’ve got a wide array of transportation options to ensure you have an unforgettable adventure in our beautiful country. The Transportation Landscape in Iceland When it […] full post

Why is Iceland Green and Greenland Ice?

June 27, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

Let’s hop in our time machine and zoom back to AD 982, a time when the world map looked more like a child’s scribble than a geography lesson. We’re going to spill the tea on two North Atlantic buddies – Iceland and Greenland – whose names are a puzzle, to say the least! Who named […] full post

Unveiling the Mysteries: Why is Iceland Called Iceland?

June 23, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

There’s a captivating allure to Iceland, a land where fire meets ice. The name of this intriguing Nordic island raises questions that touch on the narratives of history, geography, and culture. The Icelandic Sagas, ancient manuscripts detailing the adventures of Viking settlers, provide us valuable insights into the origin of Iceland’s name. Historical Backdrop of […] full post

Iceland Summer Travel Guide: Self-Drive with a Rental Car

June 23, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland nature

Renting a car and embarking on a self-drive adventure is the best way to explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland year-round. But in the summer months, it’s an especially fulfilling way to explore the country. full post

Iceland travel FAQ: Do they speak English in Iceland?

June 20, 2023, Hertz Iceland Iceland culture

If you ever had the question of “is English spoken in Iceland?”, a quick answer to it is : yes, majority of Icelandic people speak English fluently. And English is one of the most widely spoken foreign language in the country due to the rapidly growing tourism industry. Iceland, a seemingly isolated island, maintains its […] full post