Caddy Camper

Hilux Camper


Cuttlery     Included Included Included
Cooking equipment     Included Included Included
Primus   15.000 kr. Included Vehicle standard Vehicle standard
Pillow with cover 2.000 kr. 10.000 kr. x x x
Duvet with cover 2.000 kr. 15.000 kr. x x x
Towel 400 kr. 1.500 kr. x x x
Camping table 2.000 kr. 15.000 kr. x x x
Camping chair 1.000 kr. 7.000 kr. x x x
Camping card
(2 adults & 4 children)
16.500 kr.   x x x
Gas Canister for Primus** 1.500 kr.   x x x
Cooling box (12V) 4.500 kr. 15.000 kr. x Vehicle standard* Vehicle standard*
Playing cards   500 kr. Included Included Included

Price per item, per rental.

x = Available for car model
* = Can be rented in addition, rates apply.
** = Extra gas canister for standalone Primus (1 included per rental).