How to engage and operate voice command a Tesla?

Engaging the voice command

Engage the voice command by pressing the microphone icon on the touchscreen or pushing the right-hand scroll on the steering wheel. 
Please make sure the actions will not take your eyes off the road or distract you from driving.

Operating the voice command

Voice command responds to statements and questions it is programmed to recognize.

Voice command term

We shortlisted some of the most commonly used voice command terms that Tesla could recognize. You can find the detailed list on Tesla’s support site:

TopicsCommand term
Car controls“Lock doors”
“Open charge port”
“Activate sentry mode”
“Increase screen brightness”
“Turn on windshield wipers/increase wiper speed”
“Fold/unfold side mirrors”
Car Navigation“Zoom in”
“Turn on satellite mode/traffic…”
“Display Superchargers/Destination Chargers…”
“Stop navigation”
“Mute voice guidance”
Media control“Open music, Netflix/YouTube…”
“Search for…”
“Mute media”

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