During your travel in Iceland on a Hertz rental car you can come a cross situations where you need assistance. Below is a list of issues and how to resolve them on the spot or how to proceed if you need assistance.

In case of injury call 112 and find the Icelandic police.

Our vehicle emergency number is +354 858 0499.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: This number is only to be used in case of an emergency NOT for general inquiries, contract extensions, asking for opening hours and so forth. Please contact us during normal opening hours for those questions.

Best solutions to the common car rental emergency in Iceland

When it comes to car rental emergencies in Iceland, having the best solutions at your fingertips is essential. At Hertz Iceland, we understand that unexpected situations can arise during your journey, and we are here to help. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and guidance in case of accidents, breakdowns, or other emergencies. With our extensive network of service providers and reliable roadside assistance, we ensure that you receive prompt support wherever you are in Iceland. Trust in Hertz Iceland for the best solutions to common car rental emergencies, allowing you to navigate the challenges with confidence and peace of mind. Here are list of fist-aid actions you can take before the assistance arrive.

What to do if you get into a Collision / Damage the vehicle

If your vehicle is involved in a collision or sustains other damage it is very important to fill out an accident statement as well as record the damage with photographs. You will find an accident statement form to fill out in the vehicle’s glove box or the glove boxes of other vehicles. You can also access the form online here.

If a dispute arises and you are in the greater Reykjavík area you may contact arekstur.is, tel. +354 578 9090. Otherwise, contact the local police. NB: a police report does not satisfy the requirement for an accident report.

If the vehicle is still drivable, the renter must drive it to the nearest Hertz location.

If the vehicle is not drivable, arrangements must be made with a roadside assistance provider to have the vehicle transported to the nearest Hertz location. The renter pays the provider directly for roadside assistance. All costs for transporting a damaged vehicle are in all cases the renter’s responsibility.

You can view minimum cost for damaged vehicle transport at extra service price list at Hertz Iceland

Water damage / Failure while Crossing & Fording Rivers

Make arrangements to have the vehicle removed from the water as soon as possible with assistance on-site or by summoning roadside assistance.

Renters bear all responsibility for the vehicle when operating it in water. If a vehicle fails while in water, under no circumstances should the vehicle be turned on again nor should any attempt be made to start the vehicle in any other way.

What to do if a car window gets damaged?

If a window breaks, the opening must be sealed with plastic or other measures taken to prevent further damage. The renter may continue to the next Hertz location for a replacement vehicle.

If the renter cannot seal the opening, roadside assistance should be summoned or assistance should be sought from a service station. The renter covers these costs.

If the renter is unable or unwilling to continue their journey after a broken window has been temporarily patched, the renter may arrange for roadside assistance to transport the vehicle to the nearest Hertz location. The renter pays the roadside assistance provider directly for these costs in full.

What if the car becomes immobilized?

The renter covers any costs associated with freeing a vehicle that has become immobilized. Hertz can refer renters to nearby roadside assistance providers and can transfer the call directly. However, it is unnecessary for Hertz to be involved in matters between renter and assistance provider unless the vehicle has become unfit to operate, in which case the assistance provider will transport the vehicle and renter to the nearest Hertz location in consultation with Hertz.

looking out from a car window in Iceland

Vehicle becomes inoperable

Can the headlights be turned on?
Yes = Continue to next item
No = The battery is probably dead. Contact roadside assistance or taxi. Renter covers associated costs.

Does the vehicle have power but the engine will not turn over?
No = Continue to next item
Yes = The incorrect fuel type may have been added to the tank. The renter must check what type of fuel was last added. Note the color of the fuel pump’s handle: Black (diesel) or green (gas/petrol). The renter covers costs associated with using the wrong fuel type.

The vehicle will not start.
Make sure that the steering wheel is not locked and that the key can turn in the ignition. If automatic transmission, make sure that the gear selector is in PARK and depress the brake pedal. You may try to move the selector to DRIVE and back to PARK. If manual transmission, depress the clutch all the way to the floor (make sure the mat is not interfering).

Punctured or Flat Tires

If you do not have a tire insurance, a damaged (punctured) tire always falls under the responsibility of the renter. The tools necessary to fix a flat are found in the vehicle’s trunk. Please note that some vehicles are not equipped with a spare tire, and instead have a patch kit and air pump.

the flat cannot be changed without assistance, the renter should summon roadside assistance. The renter covers all associated costs. The renter also covers all costs associated with the damaged/punctured tire.

When the car cannot be unlocked

If the vehicle’s key is lost, a spare key cannot be made available, rather the renter will have to change rental vehicles. The renter can contact Hertz to arrange for a replacement vehicle and must cover the cost of a replacement key if the original is not returned.

If the key is locked inside the vehicle, a service provider can sometimes gain access to the vehicle, although this is not always possible. The renter may contact Hertz if it becomes necessary to deliver a spare key to open the vehicle. However, this can be quite costly. It is the renter’s responsibility to retrieve the key if it becomes locked inside the vehicle.

When the car cannot be locked

If the vehicle cannot be locked, make sure all the doors and trunk are closed properly. Check all the doors, opening and closing them with care. If the problem persists, the renter should come to the nearest rental location.

what to do with a flat tire in Iceland rental car

When the vehicle makes an unusual sound

In these cases, having the vehicle transported may incur costs for the renter. If it turns out that there is no vehicle malfunction, the renter is responsible for the costs of retrieving the vehicle according to the rates of the after-hours service or roadside assistance provider.

When Vehicle makes a loud Sueqaling sound

This noise is often caused by a rock becoming lodged in the brakes. The rock can get stuck between the pad and the rotor. This is not dangerous, but the noise can be unpleasant. The rock will normally come out on its own while driving.

What to do when refilling the car with incorrect fuel type

If the vehicle’s power comes on but the engine won’t turn over, it is very likely that the incorrect fuel type was added to the vehicle’s tank. In this case, it is necessary to contact an auto service center to drain the fuel tank. The renter covers all associated costs.

When the vehicle is leaking

Stop the vehicle immediately and ensure the vehicle is turned off. Contact roadside assistance. The roadside assistance provider will transport the renter to the nearest rental location to resolve the matter.

Other possible minor vehicle issues

If the issue is not listed above and does not pose a danger while operating the vehicle, i.e., the vehicle is accessible and drivable and does not threaten the renter’s safety, the matter may be referred to neyd@hertz.is.

Hertz covers the cost of windshield wipers that need replacing. Replacement wipers are available at fuel stations. The renter may pay for the replacement wipers out of pocket and collect reimbursement when the vehicle is returned.

The same applies to bulbs, AdBlue/diesel exhaust fluid and washer fluid.

What do these car light signals mean in an Iceland rental car?

As a rule of thumb, a yellow warning light is meant to draw attention to an issue that does not require immediate attention.

A red light, however, indicates that it is not safe to continue driving.

Make sure that the red warning light is not one of the following:
The emergency brake indicator light.

The door ajar or trunk ajar indicator light.

If a red warning light comes on and is not one of the above indicator lights, then the renter should contact roadside assistance. The renter should stop the vehicle in a safe place before turning the car off. The roadside assistance provider will offer further guidance on-site or transport the vehicle to the nearest rental location.

TPMS light (tire pressure monitoring system)

If the TPMS indicator light comes on, the renter must check the tires for correct air pressure levels and for any leaks. If a leak is evident, the renter must find the nearest station that services tires. Note that no coverages covers damage to tires, so the renter covers all costs associated with tire damage including punctures and tears.


AdBlue / Exhaust fluid DPF light

If the AdBlue indicator light comes on, the renter must add more AdBlue fluid before the tank empties. If the AdBlue tank empties, the vehicle cannot be started. AdBlue can be purchased at all fuel stations. At least 5 liters must be added to top up the tank. The renter presents the receipt for purchase to be reimbursed when the vehicle is returned.

This indicates a malfunction, often due to a sensor. The renter may continue driving but must go directly to the nearest auto service center to check what has caused the warning light. If the check engine light is red, the vehicle must be stopped immediately at a safe location and the renter must contact Hertz at the emergency number.

If the temperature warning light is red stop driving immediately and turn off the engine. The engine is at risk of overheating.

Once the vehicle is stopped in a safe place, contact Hertz at the emergency number.

A service reminder. The vehicle will soon require service, but this is not a reason to stop the vehicle and the renter may continue driving.

The emergency brake has been set.

The master warning light can be yellow or red. It is often accompanied by other indicators, such as the door ajar indicator or low washer fluid indicator.

Washer fluid is low.

When illuminated, the AEB collision avoidance system is not available or requires attention.

Idle stop and start mode engaged. If the light is illuminated the vehicle has entered idle stop mode. Auto-stop can be turned off.

Diesel vehicles cannot be started until the glow plugs indicator has gone off.

The fuel filter is full and must be emptied.

Oil pressure. When red, stop driving the vehicle immediately. When yellow, check the oil level and add if needed.

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