Here, we’ve prepared a series of videos about operating and using the camping equipment inside the motorhome.

new motor home rental in Iceland summer

Motorhome features 

  • Own 12V electric system / battery 
  • Connectable to 200V power source at camping sites 
  • Powerful heating w/adjustable thermostat 
  • Double bed 
  • Table foldable into a second bed (Sleeps 2) 
  • Stainless Sink with water on demand 
  • Toilet and shower 
  • Refrigerator 230V/12V/Gas 
  • Transmission: Manual 
  • Heater: Yes 

Included in rental 

Cooking and eating utensils i.e. pots and pans for cooking. Coffee strainer, bread knives, broom and dustpan, washing up kit and soap, dishes, forks and glasses for 4 persons. 

Where to find the electricity cables? 

In the back of the motorhome, on the right side, there is a compartment where it’s stored the cables you will use for connecting the motorhome to the campsite electricity post. 

Connecting Motorhome to electricity 

Watch the video and learn more:

Need fresh air?  

Opening the ceiling vent helps to increase airflow and keep the air fresh. You can use it when you’re parked and have the windows open, to keep the air circulating, but you can also use it while driving. 

Please make sure the door is completely CLOSE 

Watch the video and learn more:

How to set up the drop down bed 

Watch the video and learn more:

How to empty the toilet?

Watch the video and learn more:

How to fill up the water tank?

Watch the video and learn more:

How to empty the grey water tank?

In Iceland some locations have different holes to empty the toilet and grey water, in this campsite, both toilet and grey water are disposed in the same hole. 

How to manage the fridge?

Watch the video and learn more:

We wish you a present summer journey with the motorhome in Iceland.