Car rental in Vestmannaeyjar airport (VEY)

Vestmannaeyjar (i.e. Westman Islands) is an archipelago of 15 islands and 30 rock stacks off the South Coast of Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar airport is located on the largest island and the only island that is inhabited, Heimaey. 

The Westman Islands airport(VEY) is a domestic airport that only operates domestic flights within Iceland time by time, depending on the airlines’ schedules. It is common that no flights are scheduled between Reykjavik and Heimaey for a week or more. 

Hertz Iceland car rental station on Heimaey is located at the airport. If you want to visit Heimaey island by car, you are welcome to book a vehicle and pick it up at the airport OR book a ticket for the Roll-on/roll-off ferry Herjolfur and bring your rental car onto the island with you. 

Our rental cars available at the Vestmannaeyjar airport location 

We have a limited number of rental vehicles offered on Heimaey island due to the relatively low rental demand on the island. If you want to pick up a rental car with us on Heimaey, you MUST submit your rental car request via at least four weeks in advance before your arrival. 

Driving on Heimaey island

You can access most attractions on the island with the paved roads and gravel tracks, the speed limit, in general, is as follow: 

The speed limit

  • Residential area roads: 30 km/hr
  • Urban roads: 50 km/hr

*Off-road driving is illegal in Iceland. Please ONLY drive on marked roads or paths when touring around Iceland

There are areas on Heimaey island that are car-forbidden. Please NEVER drive in those areas. 

Parking on Westman Islands

Most public parking spots on Heimaey island are free; for those paid spots, you can find a parking meter or a ticket machine to pay for your parking using cash or a card. The hotels and guesthouses in town usually provide free overnight parking spots for guests.

If you are driving a camper or caravan, PLEASE go to a designated campground and stay overnight INSIDE the camping site. Sleeping in a car, campervan, or a caravan is illegal within town limits.

Top 10 thing to do and place to visit on Heimaey, Westman Islands 

As the biggest island off the Icelandic coastline, Heimaey is deeply related to volcanic eruptions and wild lives. If you plan to visit Heimaey, we highly recommend you try these activities or visit these places during your stay: 

  1. Visit Eldheimar Museum and learn about the volcanos and lava of Iceland. 
  2. Hike the Eldfell Mountain
  3. Visit the Sea Life Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary. To see the two whales, little grey and little white, arrived on June 19 2019, from China. 
  4. See the Elephant Rock with a boat tour.
  5. Visit the unique Stafkirkjan church. 
  6. See Puffins (during summer months only)
  7. Enjoy the island view from Storhofdi (Great Cape)
  8. Visit the Sagnheimar folk museum. 
  9. Join a RIB boat tour and see the islands
  10. Hike to the top of Heimaklettur, the vast ‘home rock’. (This is a very challenging hike. Please be well prepared with gears and ensure you are used to hiking before taking the challenge.) 

Rent your car on Westman Island with Hertz today to secure your spot. You can also learn more about travelling by a rental car from our Iceland rental car travel guides.

Our cars available at Westman Island airport

Toyota Yaris or similar| Manua l 2WD rental car in Iceland

Toyota Yaris or similar | Automatic| 2WD

EDAN | Group: Y (EDAN)

  • 5 Passengers
  • Automatic
  • 5 Doors
new CDAN VW Golf Automatic rental in Iceland

VW Golf or similar | Automatic| 2WD

CDAN | Group: B2 (CDAN)

  • 5 Passengers
  • Automatic
  • 5 Doors