Introducing the all-new Hertz Standard Clean

Before we rent out any vehicle, they are cleaned and disinfected to follow WHO guidelines
with our 15-point cleaning process.
We use government authorized and registered, virucidal cleaners and disinfectants following each country’s specific regulations and at the end of the cleaning process we seal the vehicle for your protection.

Special arrangement regarding COVID-19

Sanitized. Sealed. Delivered.

Spotless exterior wash
All interior surface wiped
Compartments checked & cleaned
Odours removed & disinfected

Our 15 Step Cleaning Process:

  • Disinfect vehicle at return area
  • Perform vehicle inspection
  • Inspect interior
  • Remove trash and lost/found items
  • Vacuum interior front seat area
  • Vacuum interior rear seat area
  • Vacuum trunk
  • Clean window interiors
  • Disinfect all key contact surfaces
  • Wiper fluid check and replenishment
  • Spray odor eliminator
  • Wash exterior of vehicle
  • Perform quality check
  • Stall vehicle, disinfect driver area
  • Place Standard seal on vehicle