Where do I charge the Tesla in Iceland?

There are electric car charging stations all around Iceland, and they are mainly located along Route 1 Ring Road. You can also find the chargers clustered in the capital of Iceland–Reykjavik and other bigger cities like Akureyri in the North and Egilsstaðir in the East.

The Teslas can be charged at 200+ Recharge charging points found across the island, alongside 10 Tesla Supercharger points.

Please note that once your vehicle is fully charged at a Supercharger point, you may incur an idle fee if you do not move the vehicle. Your in-car screen will display this alert and any costs will be passed onto you.

a lot of charger for Tesla are available across Iceland

How do I find charging stations in Iceland?

You can find the charging points with this online map or search for the charging stations via the Google Map app, to find the nearest to your location.

If you want to save time, Tesla Supercharger stations – are the fastest charging option – they will automatically appear on the navigation screen. To find all available charging stations:

  • Select the lightning bolt on the touchscreen.
  • Use voice command to ask the car’s navigation.
  • Search the Tesla or Zap-Map apps.

A kind reminder: if you charge up your hire car at a Tesla Supercharger point and leave the vehicle at the station after charging, you may incur idle fees. These will be passed onto you by us.

How do I open Tesla’s charge port?

The charge port is located near the driver’s side taillight. To open the charge port cover, use the touchscreen or push once on the cover. When using a Tesla charging station, press the charging station connector button and the cover will open. The charge port cover will close automatically when the connector is removed.

How do I charge the Tesla?

To charge, remove the charging station connector from its dock, open the car’s charge port and insert the connector into the charge port. When charging is complete, press the connector button until the charge port logo turns white, then remove the connector and return it to its dock.

What does the Tesla charge port logo represent?

When the Tesla’s charge port logo….

  • Flashing Green: meaning the car is charging
  • Solid Green: meaning the charging is complete
  • Yellow: meaning you should unplug the connector and then plugin again
  • Red: meaning there is an issue with the charging station, and you should move the vehicle to a different dock and try again

What are the different types of chargers for Tesla?

There are three different levels of chargers available for Teslas starting with a standard wall plug charger in every household and going up to a specific Teals Supercharger available across the island of Iceland.


household plug for charging Teslas in Iceland

Household Plug

Every hour of charging adds about 6 miles (~ 9.65 km)

⚡2-3kW|?20 hrs 


Public Charging

Every hour of charging adds about 35 miles (~ 56.32 km)

⚡11kW|?4.5 hrs 



Every hour of charging can add up to 400 miles (~ 643 km depending on the vehicle)

⚡50kW+|?0.5-1 hrs 

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