Hertz Iceland is one of the largest car rentals in Iceland. Hertz aims towards becoming a leader in its field of operation in respect of environmental affairs. Hertz has adopted a policy focusing on minimizing any negative environmental impact of its operations and is constantly seeking ways to reduce any possible direct or indirect environmental impact of its operations.

Hertz Iceland and the company’s personnel have therefore united on the following measures to work towards this goal, regarding this as a long- and short term strategy of Hertz Iceland:

• Hertz selects vehicles and the necessary items for its fleet of vehicles on grounds of operational feasibility, the manufacturers’ environmental strategy and on acknowledged studies by independent parties.

• Hertz will gradually, but steadily, increase its number of environmentally-friendly vehicles in its fleet, including twin vehicles, and will carry out experiments on the operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles with respect to the future development of such vehicles.

• Hertz aims to reduce the average CO2 emissions from Hertz’s fleet by 12-15% per year until 2026. The average CO2 emissions from Hertz’s fleet in 2030 is aimed to be reduced to 20.

• Hertz emphasizes informing its customers about the importance of eco-driving, pointing out ways to minimize the fuel consumption of rented vehicles whilst in the hands of the customer.

• Hertz aims towards any waste from the company being sorted, recycled or re-used, whereas other waste will be disposed of in conformity with regulations and good prevailing practice.

• Hertz selects its suppliers on grounds of the financial objectives and strategy of the company, taking into consideration the suppliers’ environmental policy.

• Hertz emphasizes constant environmental improvement and to always abide by law and regulations pertaining to the operating environment of the company at all times.

• Hertz emphasizes increasing the participation of its personnel in environmental affairs through regular training and the Hertz annual Environmental Day.

• Hertz operates in the spirit of the ISO 14001 standard, which constitutes the grounds for Hertz receiving and maintaining a certification according to this standard.