Hire an economy cheap 4WD manual Suzuki Swift for your budget trip in Iceland, use the least money and enjoy the most of Iceland with total freedom. If you plan on a budget trip to Iceland, looking for a cheap rental car but with off-road capability, our 4×4 Suzuki Swift would be your ideal choice.

Suzuki Swift is a unique car in our economy cars selection. Comes with five seats and a car boot capacity of 2 large luggage, the Suzuki Swift successfully positioned itself as a cheap economy car. Unlike other 2WD economy vehicles, Suzuki Swift is one of the few small cars with 4WD capability, making it stand out from the crowd and serve the best with those budget Iceland adventurous.

As you might notice, some hidden Iceland attractions are located in an area that you can only access with an F-road. And according to Icelandic law, these roads are only accessible with 4×4 vehicles. For this reason, if you would like to visit these hidden gems around the country, you will have no choice but to rent a 4WD car.

Compared with the compact, intermediate and full-sized 4×4 cars and SUVs, the Suzuki Swift has the lowest rental price but can still perform well on gravel roads and rough terrain. If you are visiting Iceland with one or two of your friends, your partner or just on your own, you can even increase the boots capacity and bring more luggage with you by folding down the backseats.

For those travellers in a group of 2 to 3, planning to drive around Iceland via Route 1 Ring Road, visit the Westfjors or Eastfjors, or have a self-drive tour during wintertime(between November and March), the cheap but powerful Suzuki Swift would have no doubt be your best car rental choice in Iceland.

Please note: ‘off-road driving’ is illegal in Iceland. You can only drive the 4WD Suzuki Swift on marked roads or tracks, and you are also NOT allowed to drive the Suzuki Swift on any highland F-roads. If you have further questions about the driving restrictions of our Suzuki Swift, feel free to contact us anytime, we would be happy to assist you anytime.

Why renting a car with Hertz is your best choice? We have 13 rental stations around the country, including Keflavik airport, Reykjavik airport and Reykjavik downtown. You could easily pick up and drop off your rental car according to your travel plan.

Not only with high flexibility and convenience in renting and returning cars, but we are also collaborating with car repair shops across Iceland. This means Hertz Iceland can assist you regardless of where you are and when you need help. The rental price includes unlimited mileage, VAT and CDW car protection.

Rent your manual 4×4 Suzuki Swift in Iceland today by choosing a date.

Basic rental requirements for Suzuki Swift 

  1. You must be 20 years of age to drive this vehicle.
  2. A valid credit card in the main renter’s name is required to reserve and rent the vehicle.
  3. The driver must present a valid driving license held for a minimum of one year at the time of rental.
  4. An International Driving Permit (IDP) / International Driving License (IDL) is also required if your national driving license is not in Roman script.

Driving restriction

  1. This vehicle is NOT allowed in the highlands F-roads.

Please Note

  1. Reservations are made by car category only. We cannot guarantee a specific car model.

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5 門

5 座

2 件大行李



128 C02 g/km








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