Rocking round the Ring Road

April 4, 2019 Things To Do

So, you’ve arrived in Iceland, you’ve picked up your rental car, and you’re ready to hit the road. But what are you going to listen to? The same old tunes on your Spotify might lose some of their sparkle with the grandiose Icelandic landscape as a backdrop. It’s probably time to sample some local sounds. […] full post

Great ways to go bird spotting in Iceland

March 14, 2019 Things To Do

Iceland has many interesting and beautiful birds amongst the mountainous scenery. There are many ways of seeing the birds Iceland has to offer such as taking a whale watching tour to see the sea birds (as well as the whales and dolphins too of course) or taking a coastal drive to places such as Látrabjarg […] full post

What to in Ísafjörður, the capital of the Westfjords

March 14, 2019 Places To Go

Ísafjörður is in the Westfjords, around a 6-hour journey from Reykjavík. Along the journey you can find the extinct volcano Grábrók, which can be climbed to see inside the crater; Hólmavík, home to the Icelandic Museum of Sorcery & Witchcraft; as well as endless beautiful views of the fjords, sea and mountains can also be […] full post

What Icelandic wildlife has to offer part 2

March 14, 2019 Things To Do

Iceland has so much beautiful wildlife to see as you travel across the country, so many in fact that we have already discussed a few in one of our earlier blog piece. If you want to guarantee seeing some of our wildlife then Laugardalur Valley in Reykjavík is the place to go. Reykjavík Family Park […] full post

The capital in the north – Akureyri

March 14, 2019 Places To Go

Iceland has always had a playful competitive streak between residents for which city is the country’s capital – Reykjavik or Akureyri. Although the population sizes are massively different (Reykjavik’s 120,000 population is 6 times larger than Akureyri’s), they have fought for the title of ‘the capital in the north’. The town itself has many museums, […] full post

Snæfellsjökull – A journey to the centre of the Earth

March 14, 2019 Places To Go Things To Do

In West Iceland, you will find Snæfellsjökull National Park, home to many historic relics, rare wildlife rare plants and made famous as the starting location of Jules Verne’s book, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. From Reykjavik, a 3-hour drive along the fjords will lead you to this area, you can save some time […] full post

Visit 2 great glacier spots in Iceland you have to have good ice-sight for

March 14, 2019 Places To Go Things To Do

Iceland stays true to its name with over 10% of the landmass covered with icecaps, this makes for great adventures to visit the beautiful glaciers across the country and a great excuse to get out of the city and into the heart of the nature we have to offer.  Due to climate change, these features […] full post

What animals can I see on my drive in Iceland?

March 14, 2019 Things To Do

Iceland is one of the ‘youngest’ landmasses on the planet with little vegetation and hard, rocky land. It is hard to imagine what wildlife could live here but since discovering the land and settlement, animals have been imported through time and made their homes around the country. Here are some interesting residents of the animal […] full post

How to stay safe on the roads of Iceland

March 14, 2019 Safety Tips

Iceland is full of natural beauty – towering mountains, beautiful lagoons and powerful volcanoes. To visit them you need to drive on long, winding roads that are laid over varied terrains which can play host to strong winds, snow and heavy rain throughout the year. These factors can lead to a variety of hazards you […] full post