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Hertz Car Rental
Flugvallarvegur 5
101 Reykjavik, Iceland

If your vehicle breaks down, call +354 858 0499
In case of emergency, call 112
 Opening hours 08:00 - 18:00
Tel. +354 522 44 00
Fax. +354 522 44 01

A special message from the Police

The maximum speed limit on Icelandic roads is 90 km/h on gravel roads the speed limit is 80 km/h

Message from the Police, pdf (410kb)

Have a Safe Journey

Have a Safe Journey

Iceland offers the traveller an adventure in a beautiful and rugged landscape. However, experience shows that the forces of Icelandic nature can be harsh and inhospitable, and travellers are well-advised to exercise caution and respect for the country'ss natural environment.

Unfortunately, there have been far too many accidents in the past few years involving foreign tourists travelling around the country. These accidents range from minor to fatal. The most common type of accident is that of hikers losing their footing on uneven terrain. The most serious injuries, however, are caused by road traffic accidents where travellers drive too fast in unfamiliar conditions and do not wear seat belts.

How to drive in Iceland - a new Hertz brochure for foreigners travelling in Iceland has been issued by Hertz for it´s customers. It's available in five languages:

How to Drive in Iceland

The video "How to drive in Iceland" is available in four languages:


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SERVICE CENTER Service Department Booking Information
Andrea Dögg Færseth Project Manager Keflavík
Anton Fannar Árnason Station Manager Reykjavík
Elísabet Tania Smáradóttir Human Resources Manager Head Office
Emil Atli Þórhallsson Front Desk Manager Egilsstaðir
Guðmundur Viðarsson Marketing Rep. Graphic Design. Head Office
Hafdís Alma Karlsdóttir Account Manager Head Office
Hafdís Jóna Gunnarsdóttir Accounting Head Office
Harpa Sigfúsdóttir Accounting Head Office
Hendrik Berndsen Director of Purchase and Maintenance Head Office
Hlynur Jóhannsson Station Manager Akureyri
Hugrún Högnadóttir Account Manager Leisure Head Office
Inga Jóna Grétarsdóttir Project Manager Head Office
Ingi Heiðar Bergþórsson Director of Service and Human Resoures, IT Manager Head Office
Ingibjörg Aldís Hilmisdóttir Sales & Marketing Representative Head Office
Jóhanna Jóhannesdóttir Station Manager Ísafjörður
Kristján Bergmann Sigurbjörnsson Director Sales and Marketing Head Office
Kristján Eiríksson Accounting Head Office
Magnús Bjarni Pétursson Station Manager Keflavik
Magnús Helgi Jakobsson Project Manager Head Office
Magnús Sveinsson Project Manager Head Office
Ómar Örn Anderson Customer Relations Head Office
Pétur Þór Hall Vehicle Sales Manager Head Office
Sigfús B. Sigfússon President and CEO Head Office
Sigurður Berndsen Director of Finance and Fleet Head Office
Þórarinn K. Þórsson Garage Foreman Head Office
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